After my disputation I have started "Berntsson engineering" after landing a contract with Volvo Cars Corporation involving development work of internal combustion engines.

Berntsson engineering

Andreas Berntsson, Ph.D., Tech.Lic., M.Sc., B.Sc.

Doctor in Thermo and Fluiddynamics, Internal Combustion Engines

Visit: Stockholmsgatan 22B
Phone: +46 (0) 70-404 19 01

Finished Research Project

Project title: Direct Injection Hydrogen Assisted Stratified Charge Engine. The project started in may 2004 and ended in 2009 with the presentation of the Ph.D. thesis: "HCCI combustion using charge stratification and spark-assistance"(download (pdf - 305 pages)). The project wais financially supported by STEM, the Swedish Energy Agency.

Project participants: Professor Ingemar Denbratt (supervisor), Associate Professor Valeri Golovitchev (co-supervisor) and Andreas Berntsson.

I am involved in a project that has the goal of creating internal combustion engines with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The project aims for increased control of HCCI combustion, since HCCI combustion displays positive features such as low NOx emissions and low fuel consumption. This control is achieved by creating a hybrid combustion concept, combining HCCI combustion with SI combustion of a stratified charge. The SI stratified charge acts as a control device over the HCCI combustion, the early flame propagation adds heat during the compression and this heat is used to control the HCCI combustion. Since the combustion initially consists of SI combustion and subsequently of HCCI combustion, very lean mixtures can be used for the stratified charge due to that if any fuel escapes the initial SI combustion it will be combusted in the HCCI combustion. Thus the SI combustions contribution in NOx emissions have been low. The role of fuel stratification in it self have also been studied.

To initiate HCCI combustion in engines using SI engine geometry and petrol-like fuel NVO have be used for the latest studies. Detailed optical studies have been performed on the reaction occuring during the NVO when pilot injections prior to the NVO was used. Furthermore have the combination of the control methods developed in the first two papers and NVO been investigated.


The image displays the project idea: initial SI combustion and subsequently HCCI combustion.


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most of the work can be found by searching at google-scholar with "HCCI Berntsson"

Formula Student

As institutional duty I have been the project leader of Chalmers Formula Student for the team 2005 and 2006. Chalmers Formula Student is a 10 p course at Chalmers, with the goal of creating a formula car prototype that meets the regulations for a formula SAE car. During my period the team has perticipated in the UK competition Formula Student 2005 and 2006, in the US competition FSAEW 2006 and the Baltic Open in Finland 2006.

Best results: Total 2nd place in the Baltic open 2006, where we beat the world champions in acceleration with a world record time of 3.75 s from 0 to 75 m (the world record time was 3.8 s).

The black car is the car that was built by the 2006 team (picture taken at the Baltic Open in Finland) and the blue car is the car that was built by the 2005 team (picture taken at California Speedway in the USA). Chalmers have also perticipated in the 2005 and 2006 event in the UK with the cars seen above.

The good results in Finland for the black car prepared the way for further races and below the car can be seen on the California Speedway track in Los Angeles. I am the one wearing a cap and holding the flag.

link: Formula Student